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Wonoka 5091/07 - Purchased by Bingara Stud at the
Annual SA Breeders Sale at Mt Pleasant (2008)

LAMBPLAN provides practical information for terminal, maternal and dual purpose sheep producers on the genetic potential of their animals. Sheep are ranked according to various production characteristics using Australian Sheep Breeding Values (ASBVs). ASBVs are available for growth, carcase, wool, reproduction and internal parasite (worm) resistance. ASBVs are directly comparable across flocks within a breed and across breed in the terminal sire group of breeds.

Only LAMBPLAN provides a benchmarking system that allows breeders to track the level of improvement in the genetic make-up of their flock. LAMBPLAN provides flexibility enabling ram breeders to concentrate on the traits considered important to their breeding objective and the requirements of their clients. Commercial buyers can also use LAMBPLAN ASBVs to objectively compare rams and identify those which best suit their production system and market targets.

LAMBPLAN enables sheep breeders to reduce the risk associated with ram selection, improve the rate of genetic gain of their flocks, more reliably meet market specifications and improve overall productivity.

LAMBPLAN ASBV's at Wonoka have been constrained by the purchase of sheep from unrecorded flocks over the years, however performance is reflective of current industry benchmarks:

  • Average WWT: 36.5kgs @ 14 weeks
  • Ewe lambs joined @ 7 months @ 50 kgs
  • Mature weight ewes: 75 kgs
  • Mature weight rams: 110 kgs

Source: http://www.sheepgenetics.org.au/lambplan/


Wonoka Partnership

Registered Wiltipoll Stud Breeder

Wiltipoll Flock no. 3, Wiltshire Horn Flock no. 66

OJD vaccinated, OB accredited

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